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Accounting/CPA Exam Tutoring Services

Accounting Course and CPA Exam Prep Tutoring Services 


Thank you for visiting gaap360, an online initiative to create a resource for accounting and finance students. We are glad you are here.

gaap360 was created by an accounting professional with over 15 years experience and a passion for accounting, students and education. Plans for the site include news, commentary and analysis of accounting and financial reporting related topics.  However, the focus of gaap360 is the student, where we plan supply study aids, including outlines, flash cards, summaries, practice problems, and more.  We aim to serve undergraduate and graduate students, as well as CPA examination candidates.  We hope you will visit often as we continue to add resources. 

Tutoring Services  

We offer in-person and distance accounting tutoring services to undergraduate, graduate and CPA examination candidates.  We are based in the Chicagoland area, but provide tutoring services throughout the United States via distance technology and one-on-one or group sessions.  Current and former tutoring clients include students from leading universities within the Chicagoland area and students attending classes throughout the United States at on-campus and online programs.


Each student is unique, therefore the first thing we do is walk through a study plan.  This includes reviewing the course work required, specific tasks for both the tutor and the student and a flexible time plan. 

We DO NOT do not “do homework” or take tests for individuals.  We expect students to read the material, work the problems and participate.  Quite frankly, the success of the sessions will depend on the students commitment to learn.  We will do everything in our power to keep students accountable to the developed study plan and encourage the student as a coach.

The Typical Sessions 

Normally, our sessions work as follows: (1) topic of the week is reviewed by student and tutor prior to meeting; (2) student and tutor work problems/generate questions; (3) student and tutor meet, with tutor walking through problems/material the student found difficult and/or material the tutor believes will be important come test time; (4) if need be, the tutor will provide further problems, outline or mini-lecture on accounting areas the student is struggling with; (5) student and tutor will review throughout the term or exam preparation period.  We believe it is important to spend at least some portion of the tutoring session on reviewing key topics of the past and make every effort to highlight such topics in current material so the student is able to “connect the dots!”

Get the Advantage!

The greatest value we bring to our students is our passion for accounting and teaching students.  We believe this is our advantage and would love the opportunity to talk to you about your special study circumstances.  Please email us at for an estimate and to talk to you about a study plan.  With our help and your commitment, you can be successful in your course work or on the CPA exam. 


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