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Accounting Flash Cards

Get ready for the Fall 2007 semester NOWgaap360 will be releasing its accounting study flash cards for accounting students in time for the Fall 2007.  The first set of flash cards will include 300-400 cards aimed at beginning accounting classes and will include the following topics:

Accounting basics

Accounting standards and GAAP

Accounting information systems

Financial Statements

The Accounting Equation

Accounting Framework 

Double Entry System

Time Value of Money

Key Financial Performance Measures and Ratios

Internal Controls

Cash and Accounts Receivable

Property, Plant and Equipment

Stockholders Equity and Capitalization

Liabilities and Accruals

And more…

gaap360 will be launching an Intermediate set of flash cards in the Winter 2007 semester.

We anticipate the flash cards will be under $35, including shipping. Those who just sign-up (no commitment, you are not pre-ordering) for the mailing list, will get a 5 buck discount if they decide to eventually order the flash cards…thats just $30 for over 300 study flash cards! 

If you want to be on the mailing list announcing the ship date for the flash cards or would like to pre-order the cards, please email . In addition, we will be early releasing several sample cards prior to the Fall semester, so sign-up for the mailing list and we will email you the samples when they are released.

Thank you!   


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